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Dancesport is the international name for Ballroom and Latin American competitive dance. York Dancesport provides:

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All Over...

...and I'm genuinely sad.

It's been a fantastic experience, the result didn't go my way in the end (even nearly!) but I think the routine went well and evereyone was amazing.

Really happy for Tom to have won, he totally deserved to.

Just to reiterate a few thankyous to everyone who took part, took time out and put so much effort in, the contestants and those behind the scenes.

I'm really happy with how the event went and hopefully we'll be able to do it again in the future.

Thanks for everyone who supported me, came to watch, wished me good luck it means a lot.

Until next time...


I had the most horrible dream last night. YCD seems to be getting to me even in my subconscious!

Myself, Matt & Claire were last getting to the rehearsal on Sunday because Matt needed to buy some red lipstick for himself (?). By the time we got there Sam and I hadn't had time to practice and we had to go straight on without a run through. We got into position to start and then we both had a total mind blank and couldn't remember what we were supposed to be doing. For the entire 90 seconds we stood there while everyone booed us. Needless to say we came last.

I'm hoping this isn't a premonition for Sunday...

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York Dancesport is the Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance Society for the University of York.

Lessons are taught by a professional dance teacher every week. They are open to all and are only £3.


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You don't need any special outfit or shoes to take part for fun. We can even find you a partner.

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