Lessons every Tuesday night

What is dancesport?

Dancesport is the international name for Ballroom and Latin American competitive dance. York Dancesport provides:

  • Lessons every week with professional tutor
  • No experience necessary: Beginners & advanced lessons
  • Open to all, only £3 per lesson.

Visit the lessons page for more info or email dancesport@yusu.org

Strictly social!

We hope you all enjoyed the lesson again on Tuesday, was great to see both so many new and returning faces and seeing people making some real progress with their dancing. There will be another opportunity on Saturday for you to get to grips with the routines or learn some new ones if you missed the lesson on Tuesday. The format will be the same as last Saturday (see the lessons page for the general format) and we hope to see a great turnout again this week.

We also have our first Strictly Come Dancing social this Saturday! (Saturday 27th October Week 3) It will be starting as 18:00 in Alcuin JCR and will be providing some refreshments. For those of you who aren't avid fans, Strictly is a TV show in which various celebrities are paired with a professional dancer and master a range of ballroom and latin dances, all done in a sea of glitter, fancy dresses and terrible jokes. We will also probably be ordering pizza during the evening but feel free to bring along any snacks if you wish.

Saturday lessons

Hey everyone,

A huge thanks and warm welcome to everyone who came to our first lesson on Tuesday. We saw some really great dancing and hope you all found it helpful and more importantly, enjoyed yourselves. We'll be running waltz and cha cha again next week, so it's a good chance to either get some more practice of the routines from last week or if you couldn't make it, you'll get the opportunity to learn them. Please note, you are welcome to join at any point during the term if you are too busy at present.

We also have our first Saturday lesson coming up. Just to clarify, this is in D/L/028 (the same room as Tuesday's lesson) NOT Derwent Performance Studio as was mentioned on the website. The format of Saturday will be as follows:

9:00 General practice

10:30 Practice of steps from Tuesday's lesson

11:00 Ballroom focus group

12:00 Latin Focus Group

General practice will give you the opportunity to brush up on your technique or try some social dancing. Committee members will be on hand if you have any questions, so don't worry if you don't have routines memorised.

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About us

York Dancesport is the Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance Society for the University of York.

Lessons are taught by a professional dance teacher every week. They are open to all and are only £3.


Membership is open to all and costs just £5 a year, which includes one free lesson.

You don't need any special outfit or shoes to take part for fun. We can even find you a partner.

Contact us


York Dancesport Society
James College
University of York
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